Summer to Fall Lookbook

Hello, lovely people!

I’ve put together some outfits I’ve been wearing recently that are perfect for the later summer months! They work in hot weather, but also have a touch of Fall style to them, which I love, because it’s my favorite season! I hope you enjoy and get some fashion inspiration! 🙂

Outfit #1


This outfit is cute yet comfortable.  I love wearing plaid in the Fall and was really feeling the upcoming season in this shirt!  Also, American Eagle’s jeans are THE softest.

Shirt: American Eagle

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Nordstrom

Outfit #2:


This outfit is so cozy!  The sweater adds a touch of Fall to it and the shorts make sure you won’t cook when you wear it! 🙂

Tank Top: American Eagle

Shorts: American Eagle

Sweater: Old Navy

Sandals: Famous Footwear

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Necklace: Similar at Tilly’s

Outfit #3


Casual and cute is the best combination, which this outfit definitely achieves.  It’s super easy to throw on and is perfect for hot days!

Shirt: Similar at Forever 21

Shorts: American Eagle

Shoes: Famous Footwear

Outfit #4


This outfit embraces a little more of a fall look, but isn’t too hot to wear in the late summer.  I love these boots so much!

Shirt: Similar at Tilly’s

Leggings: Similar at American Eagle (VS Pink no longer sells these, sadly)

Boots: Similar at JC Penney

Head Phones: Frends

Outfit #5


I’ve been really into stripes lately and am loving this shirt!  I think stripes and brown leather go so well together.

Shirt: H&M

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Nordstrom

Necklace: perfect match at Nordstrom

Outfit #6


This outfit is very versatile and looks super put together without being too much.  It could pull off a fancier event or just a casual coffee date.

Shirt: Similar at VS Pink

Pants: Forever 21

Boots: Similar at JC Penney

Necklace: Perfect match at Nordstrom

Outfit #7


I love to wear this outfit on days that are slightly on the chillier side as it keeps me warm without being too bundled up!

Shirt: Nordstrom -the style of this shirt is a little different now, but very similar!

Jacket: Nordstrom

Leggings: JC Penney

Shoes: Converse

Headphones: Frends

Outfit #8

IMG_5499 (1)

I love how this outfit has both feminine and edgy elements to it!  The small statement necklace ties in the jeans.

Shirt: Similar at Forever 21

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Similar at JC Penney

Bag: Nordstrom

Necklace: Perfect match at Nordstrom

Thanks so much for reading!  Where are your favorite places to shop?



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My Travel Makeup Essentials

Hello, lovelies!

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When traveling, I like to have all of my makeup necessities with me.  I pack all of my less-essential makeup (foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer, etc.) in a bigger bag that is kept in my suitcase, and keep all of my most important products with me, in my carry-on.

These are the products I cannot live without and are easy to use while traveling!

IMG_4672 IMG_4675 IMG_4674 IMG_4677

In my makeup bag (which is from Ipsy) , I have:

NYX Matte Blotting Paper  – This is a MUST for my oily T-zone!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer -I’m always exhausted from traveling and will look like a zombie without a little help in the under-eye department.

Pixi Beauty Crayon Combo in Wide Awake -This helps bring my tired eyes back to life when I use it in my waterline.

Cailyn Cosmetics Just Mineral Eye Polish in 117 Goddess – I love the travel-friendly packaging of this!  It comes with a little sponge applicator that you use to apply the product to the lid for a nice, shimmer-y gold look!  I blend it out a little with my finger and I’m good to go!

Lush’s Ultrabalm – I don’t know about you, but flying makes my lips SUPER dry, so this is a must!  I can use it on any other dry patches I have also!  See my review of this product in my Lush Fav’s post. 🙂

Revlon Photo Ready Powder – I can get VERY oily in my T-Zone, so touching it up with powder is a must!

Benefit Lollitint – This product has multiple uses, which makes it great for travel!  Also, I have the little, baby sample size which is even more perfect.  I dab this on my cheeks and lips to give me some color and help further get rid of the zombie effect the plane has taken on my face.

Victoria’s Secret Mirror Compact (this one is no longer available, but I found a similar mirror:) – I don’t know about you, but I cannot successfully complete the no-mirror makeup challenge on land, nonetheless in a plane, so this is very useful!

J’orel Parker Rollerball in Classico – Traveling is the perfect chance to use the rollerball perfumes I normally would forget about!  They are the perfect size to take with you.  I recommend this scent SO much.  It’s quickly become a new favorite of mine and it’s not overpowering!

Revlon’s Eyelash Curler – I love how much more awake I look when curling my lashes, so this is definitely a necessity!  This curler NEVER pinches my eyelids, so I really love it!

Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara – This mascara is the absolute easiest mascara to apply that I have ever had the pleasure of using.  It grabs every lash and gives me SO much length but also a lot of volume without making my lashes clumpy at all!

Thanks so much for reading!  What’s in your travel beauty bag?



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Collab With Plus Beauty: My Top 5 Summer Lipstick Picks

Hello, lovely people:)

Today, I am collaborating with one of my favorite bloggers; Katie from Plus Beauty!  We will each be sharing our top 5 Summer Lipsticks!   You should definitely go have a peek at her post and follow her amazing blog. 🙂  I hope you enjoy seeing our favorite lipsticks for the summertime!

IMG_4078IMG_4065 IMG_4066IMG_4061

1. Mac’s Pure Zen Cremesheen -$16 USD

This color is the perfect summery-nude shade since it is a warmer, peachy tone and won’t look odd or too light on tanned skin.  It has a sheen to it and is lightweight for everyday summer use!

IMG_2048 IMG_4142 IMG_4122

2. Essence’s Coral Calling 01 -$2.99 USD

IMG_6687IMG_4114 (1)

This is a coral/pink shade with a slight sheen.  It lasts for hours and never dries out my lips.  Even after it has worn off, these lipsticks almost dye my lips a little, so they always have color even after the product has worn off.  The price of this lipstick is amazing!  I really recommend Essence’s lipsticks if you’re looking for something affordable!

3. Wet ‘n Wild’s Hot Paris Pink 542B – $.99 USD

IMG_0278 IMG_4108

I LOVE this beautiful, bright pink shade.  It is slightly shiny and feels very light on the lips for summertime.  It leaves a pink tint to the lips even after wearing off.  It claims to have 4-hour wear, but will leave them looking pink even after the 4 hours are up!  I love this color of pink, because I find it actually makes my teeth look whiter, where many pink shades make teeth look yellow.  Also, you can’t beat the price!

4. Essence’s Wear Berries 09 -$2.99 USD

IMG_1555 IMG_3861 IMG_4132 IMG_4095 IMG_4096

This lipstick is a warm purple that has a beautiful sheen to it.  Again, you can’t beat the price and formula of Essence’s lipsticks.  I love this shade as it is a warmer purple color that doesn’t look too overpowering when worn.  It doesn’t make my teeth look yellow as some purples can.

5.  Maybelline’s Color Whisper in 100 Plum Prospect – $7.49 USD

IMG_5763 IMG_4097  IMG_4140 IMG_4167

This is a very warm, berry, purple shade.  It may look intimidating in the tube, but it is such a sheer, gel-like formula that the color is not overpowering at all.  It can be built up to a brighter color or, by using just a few dabs, give a light berry tint to the lips.  This is a glossy lipstick and lasts a surprisingly very long time.  This dyes my lips and leaves them a beautiful berry color all day long when I wear it!  After swatching it on my hand, it dyed my skin and still hasn’t worn off! This lightweight formula is perfect for Summer!


IMG_4022  IMG_4015IMG_4004 IMG_3990

Now that you’ve seen my top picks, you can find even more amazing lipsticks for Summer over on Katie’s blog!  Thank so much, Katie for collabing with me! ❤

I hope that you enjoyed seeing all my Summertime lip favorites!  What are yours?



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My Favorite Summer Nail Polish

Hello there!

Today, I’ll be showing you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE nail polish to wear this Summer: Essie’s “Butler Please”!  I love everything about it, including the name!

I love Essie nail polishes and think that they have wonderful pigmentation.  I don’t usually have trouble with them smudging as they dry quickly, before I have a chance to mess them up (which I somehow always do when I paint my nails). I also find that these polishes don’t chip as quickly as most do -and that’s saying something, because I have a curse that makes every polish chip on my nails within a day!

Although I love all of Essie’s polishes, my favorite has to be “Butler Please”, which is a beautiful, royal blue color.  It’s super vibrant and gorgeous!  I find that darker shades of polish can make my nails look a little short for some reason, but I don’t think that this shade makes them look stubby at all. 🙂


This polish costs $8.50, but it’s so gorgeous that I think it’s worth it!

Thanks so much for reading!  What’s your favorite polish this Summer? ❤



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Ipsy Bag Unboxing | July 2015

Hello, lovelies!

Today, I’ll be showing you all the wonderful things that arrived inside that beautiful bright pink packaging in the mail!  It’s Ipsy unboxing time!  I’m excited!  My favorite Ipsy bags are always their pretty, summery ones.  Let’s dig in!


I really like the bag!  Very summery and colorful.  Also, I love the little card that they included -the floaties they have just look so cute!


Firstly, I pulled out a lip product; Read My Lips Lipstick from Teeez Cosmetics in the shade Killing Me Softly.  I love how cute the colorful skulls on the packaging are!  The tube it comes in reminds me of the packaging from Colourpop’s Lippie Stix.  This lip product is a bright coral-y, peach-y pink.  It is a satin, but slightly matte finish.  The color is perfect for Summer, but I found that it’s SO pigmented and creamy that it makes it a little hard to apply without smearing all over my face.  Maybe it’s just me -I tend to be a little slow in the lipstick applying department. heh.  The color is extremely bright, which isn’t my go-to look and it also settles into all of the lines on my lips.  It has an odd, chemically smell, which I’m not very fond of.  Overall, I think it’s a cute product, but I won’t reach for it very often.

IMG_3029IMG_3026 IMG_3024IMG_3005

Next, I opened a brown 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner from Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics.  I do not have eyeliner set on my account preferences as something that I want sent to me, but somehow, I end up with one in every bag that I receive, so I wasn’t super excited upon discovering this.  However, I do like the product and think it’s a pretty liner and shadow!


I then found some Jor’el Parker perfume in the scent Classico.  I normally am not a fan of high-end or fancy perfumes because the smell is so overpowering, but I actually really, really enjoy this one!  It smells amazing!  It isn’t too flowery or strong; it’s right in between sweet and fresh.  They describe the scent as: “Exotic, inspiring, and full of surprises, Classico whisks you away from the day-to-day. Indulge in the spicy seduction of Indian Tuberose, the striking and sweet sensation of Turkish Cyclamen and the purifying calm of Spanish Mandarin.”  My nose isn’t refined enough to detect whatever Turkish Cyclamen smells like, but I absolutely love the scent!

IMG_3015IMG_3013 IMG_3036

Next, I pulled out some Pür~lisse Pur-Bright Ultra Skin Brightening Serum.  I have really sensitive skin, but I’m hoping that this will work well on it! The serum benefits are:

  • Brightens skin tone.
  • Evens out skin without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Hydroquinone-Free.
  • Decreases the appearance of age spots and sun damages.


Lastly, I discovered some Crown Brush tweezers in my bag, which can always come in handy.  This is something I know I’ll use!


The retail prices of these products:

Jelly Pong Pong Liner – $16

Teeez Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick – $22

Pür-lisse Pur-Bright Ultra Skin Brightening Serum – $76

J’orel Parker Classico Mini Roller Perfume (.29 oz.) – $21

Crown Brush Professional Tweezers – $17.49

The total retail price of this bag is *drumroll*… $152.49!

This Ipsy bag cost only $10… that’s a pretty insane difference!  You do have to take into account that the brightening serum is a sample size in the bag, but since they don’t sell  it in that size, I had to include it’s retail price in full size, which is much larger.

Overall, I think this bag is pretty good.  The products are great, but some of them are things that I won’t use very often.  There were a couple of full-size things included, which I loved!  I like the bag itself since it’s so summery!  The value of it’s products compared to the $10 I paid for the bag is pretty incredible!

If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, I think that it’s a pretty amazing subscription!  It costs $10 per month and is set up for your preferences on products you’d like to receive.  If you’d like to try it out, you can sign up here!

Thanks so much for reading!  Do you have an Ipsy account?  If so, what did you receive this month?  What did you think of the products?



Casual Summer Outfit of the Day | OOTD

Hi, everyone!

Today, I’ll be showing you the outfit that I put together for the summertime! I love how relaxed, but cute this look is!  It’s casual and comfortable but still looks like you put effort into the way you dress!  All of the clothes and jewelry I am wearing will be linked if you are interested in checking anything out. 🙂  Enjoy!


I purchased my kimono from Abercrombie and Fitch, but they no longer have the same print or style available, so I would recommend this one from American Eagle instead since it is a little more similar to the one I am wearing in the photo.  One good thing about the kimono from Abercrombie that is in stock is that it’s 40% off along with everything else right now, online!


I purchased my shorts and tank top from American Eagle (AKA my favorite place on earth).  These shorts are SO. COMFORTABLE.  I have them in every color since I love them so much and they are always on sale.  I purchased these for $25, which is what they are still on sale for right now!  The tank top is super comfortable and flowy.  I love the lace details on the neck and bottom edge.  I purchased this for $35.  American Eagle no longer sells the exact same tank top with the lace, but they have a bunch of extremely similar versions that are the same style.  I love everything from American Eagle since all of their clothing is extremely soft and stretchy -including jeans!

IMG_2707 (1)  IMG_2741IMG_2699 (1) IMG_2651IMG_2676 (1)IMG_2629IMG_0346

My necklace is from Forever21.  They no longer have the exact same necklace, but  they have many other similar heart patterns.  This cost $2.50.  If you are looking for some cute, cheap jewelry, I really recommend you look around Forever21!  Lastly, my toms were purchased from the Tom’s website for $48.  I LOVE these things and constantly wear them!


Thanks so much for reading!



My Everyday Makeup Routine | Summer 2015

Hello again!

Today, I thought I would show y’all my everyday makeup routine for summertime.  I hope that you all enjoy!

I begin by concealing around my eyes, nose, mouth and any blemishes that may have popped up with my L’oreal True Match concealer in N 4-5.  I blend this out with my Zoeva 102/Silk Finish Brush.  I love this thing.  I mean, it’s rose gold, how could I not?!

IMG_0848 (1)IMG_0849 (1)IMG_0840 (1)IMG_0839 (1)IMG_0691 IMG_0692 IMG_0693 (1)

I have been wanting really sheer coverage, lately, so I have been mixing my Revlon ColorStay concealer in a slighter tanner shade than my TrueMatch and mixing a couple of dabs of that with my Clinique Dramatically Different face lotion to create a kind of tinted moisturizer.  I find that this gives me the perfect coverage and color.  I apply this with the same Zoeva brush.

IMG_0852 (1) IMG_0851 (1) IMG_0850 (1) IMG_0839 (1) IMG_0698 IMG_0706 (1)

I set this with a little bit of my Revlon Translucent Powder to keep my T-zone from getting oily.  I use my AMAZING Sephora Pro All-over Powder brush, which is so big and fluffy and just makes my heart happy.

IMG_0709 IMG_0833 (1) IMG_0834 (1) IMG_0835 (1) IMG_0836 (1) IMG_0838 (1)

I gotta get my bronze on, so next I add a little color and dimension to my face with my Anastasia Contour Kit in Medium/Dark.  I use 4 shades and just kind of swirl them all together for the perfect bronze.  I apply this to my temples, cheeks, jaw and neck, and a little on my nose with a fluffy brush that I picked up from Target.  It has no name on it, so I have forgotten what brand it is, but even though it was so cheap, I love it; it’s super soft and never sheds! I am not sure what I am staring so intensely at off in the distance in this picture… oh well. XD

IMG_0831 (4) IMG_0830 (1) IMG_0841 (1)IMG_0711

Of course, I gotta put on some blush, so I have been LOVING Coralista by Benefit.  I apply this with my Sephora Blush brush.  I love the shimmer in this blush that is not overpowering, but gives me a nice flush and glow.  That sounds odd, but I what I am trying to say is it’s very, very beautiful.  And I love it. 🙂

IMG_0714 IMG_0844 (1) IMG_0843 (1) IMG_0842 (1) IMG_0863 (2)

Onto the eyes!  I love having simple makeup in the summer, so I have been using Benefit’s cream eyeshadows in My Two Cents (the coppery shade), and Birthday Suit (the darker shade).  I love how they have shimmer and the colors really bring out the blue in my eyes since they are bronze-y/copper-y colored.  They are super easy to apply and I never have a problem with them creasing!  I apply My Two Cents all over my lid with my finger and then add in some Birthday Suit on the crease and outer V for a little dimension.

IMG_0862 (1) IMG_0861 (1) IMG_0719

I then add a little sparkle to my inner corners and brow bones with my Highlighter from my Urban Decay Flushed palette and a Sephora Concealer Brush.  I also line my lash line with some Urban Decay eyeliner in and smudge it out a little with my Sephora Angled Liner Brush.

IMG_0821 (1) IMG_0822 (1)IMG_0856 (1)IMG_0854 (1)IMG_0721

I then add a coat of Urban Decay’s Perversion and seal in that coat with my Covergirl Waterproof Mascara.  I filled in my brows just a bit with Essence’s Blonde Eyebrow Pencil in 04.

IMG_0845 (1)IMG_0736IMG_0735IMG_0728IMG_0729 (1)

Lastly, I added my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OF ALL TIME gloss, which is Dolly by Buxom.  It’s amazing.  I think everyone needs this gloss in their life.  I just had to do duck lips with this beauty on… no judgement. 😉

IMG_0858 (1)IMG_0857 (1)IMG_0730 (1) IMG_0731 IMG_0754 (1) IMG_0746

And with that, my makeup routine is done!  I can slap all these products on my face in about 5-10 minutes in the morning and they last all day.  I like to keep it nice and natural with a little glow and I find that this makeup look does just that. I hope that you enjoyed seeing my routine!  Let me know what products you use every day in the comments, I would love to know! Until next time!