You Are Worth More

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Today, I am doing something a little different… A poem.  I wrote this to let you all know that it isn’t the lipstick that makes you lovely.  You, reading this right now are worth so much.  And if you’ve ever felt alone… I hope this makes you feel like we can all stand together as a team, who lifts each other up, because we all know what it feels like when people tear us down.  And maybe that feeling can unite us all.   I don’t know how to correctly space the lines of a poem, so if it’s incorrect, just please focus on the words and their meaning.  Enjoy c:

You Are Worth More

 Why do I sit here feeling so lost

Trying to fit in, but at what cost

‘Cause when they try to push you

into that mold

They’ll make you feel like

You’re lost in the cold

And what does it matter

If in the end we all die?

As we sit here crying

And ask the world, “Why?”

If in the end they’re all fake

Then why do we care?

Why should we “need” people

Who really aren’t there?

Why should we try

Again and again

To fit in with those who

Will never be a friend

And when they stab us in the back

We’ll pretend to be surprised

But in the back of our minds

we knew this the whole time

That knife was aimed and ready

Right at our hearts

As they tried to protect themselves

from those who would tear THEIRS apart!

It’s all just a game

That no one can win

So, please don’t give up

Please don’t give in

And if you’ve ever felt like

the only one who knew

How cruel they could be;

The things they could do

If you’ve ever felt

Lost and afraid

Thinking there was no one

who could come to your aid,

I have-

And I will.

I won’t sit still.

This isn’t right;

The way they make you feel

They make you feel worthless,

but that’s NOT what you are!

They’ve pushed you and shoved you

until you were scarred.

Now, you sit there, crying

And I am, too

Oh, the weight it would lift

If only we knew

There was another human,

Who felt Lost and alone

Each of us, wandering to try and find home

Well, you’re not alone,

No matter what you think!

Don’t take the step

To fall off the brink, because

You’re beautiful and wonderful

And everything inbetween

All the unique and original, unboring things

No one can tell you

just how much you’re worth

You are more than gold

And you have been since birth

Maybe the way

that they made us feel small

is a feeling that can

unite us all

 We’ll stand up and say no;

 We will stay strong,

’cause we’ve all felt that way

and sang that same song

It’s tragic and beautiful

at the same time,

but God turns it into a purpose

as your hand takes mine

And just let me tell you

Oh, dear human like me,

What a great world

this really could be

If we stopped for a second

Just to be kind

And didn’t push people

And mess with their minds

‘til they reached a point

Where their soul, tired and sore

Didn’t have someone to say,

“You Are Worth More.”

God bless you all!