Ipsy Unboxing September 2015

September Ipsy Unbboxing 2015

Hello there!

It’s my favorite time of the month again where a bright pink package arrives in the mail, bringing me lovely new beauty products to try… It’s Ipsy unboxing time!  If you’ve never heard of Ipsy before, it is a $10 subscription that sends 5 beauty products to you every month, which are picked according to your preferences selected in their online quiz.  I think this bag I’ve received is especially amazing and I am super excited to share it with you!


  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – $7.50IMG_7078

I’ve always wanted to try out First Aid Beauty’s Lotion, so I was really happy to find this in my bag!  It’s a 1 oz. tube and perfectly sized for travel.  I love First Aid Beauty’s packaging and can’t wait to try this lotion out!

2.  NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eyeshadow Trio – $5.99IMG_7089 IMG_7086

This eyeshadow trio is so cute and has the perfect shades for everyday use!  It has all the basics; a highlight shade, neutral brown, and a matte black!  I am so excited to have received this. The shades were pretty pigmented when I watched them on my hand so I am looking forward to testing the shades out on my eyes!

3.  tre-StiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon – $28.00IMG_7084 IMG_7101 IMG_7098

This little lip crayon is perfect for the matte fall lip trend.  It’s shade is very natural and I know I will be getting a ton of use out of it!  It is not overpowering for everyday use, so I’ll definitely be wearing it around a lot this season.

4.  Octavio Molina Hair Argan Oil – $29.50


I love using argan oil on my hair since it gives it so much shine and makes it look super healthy.  I am really happy to have received this oil since I know it is a product that I will use up!  I have never tried any Octavio Molina Hair products before, so I am looking forward to trying this one out!

5.  Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill Tinted Brow Gel – $20.00

I always use a brow gel to set those caterpillars in place, so I’m glad to have received this product!  I’ve never tried anything from Elizabeth Mott, so I am looking forward to seeing how this brow gel works!

Total value of the bag: $90.99

Overall, I am SO happy with the contents of this bag!  I love absolutely everything I received this month!  This doesn’t happen too often, but all of the products in this bag are things I will definitely use and am very excited to try out.  I think that this was a steal considering it cost me 1/9 of the actual value of these products!

Thank you so much for reading!  Do you have an Ipsy subscription?  If so, what did you receive this month?



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Ipsy Bag Unboxing | July 2015

Hello, lovelies!

Today, I’ll be showing you all the wonderful things that arrived inside that beautiful bright pink packaging in the mail!  It’s Ipsy unboxing time!  I’m excited!  My favorite Ipsy bags are always their pretty, summery ones.  Let’s dig in!


I really like the bag!  Very summery and colorful.  Also, I love the little card that they included -the floaties they have just look so cute!


Firstly, I pulled out a lip product; Read My Lips Lipstick from Teeez Cosmetics in the shade Killing Me Softly.  I love how cute the colorful skulls on the packaging are!  The tube it comes in reminds me of the packaging from Colourpop’s Lippie Stix.  This lip product is a bright coral-y, peach-y pink.  It is a satin, but slightly matte finish.  The color is perfect for Summer, but I found that it’s SO pigmented and creamy that it makes it a little hard to apply without smearing all over my face.  Maybe it’s just me -I tend to be a little slow in the lipstick applying department. heh.  The color is extremely bright, which isn’t my go-to look and it also settles into all of the lines on my lips.  It has an odd, chemically smell, which I’m not very fond of.  Overall, I think it’s a cute product, but I won’t reach for it very often.

IMG_3029IMG_3026 IMG_3024IMG_3005

Next, I opened a brown 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner from Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics.  I do not have eyeliner set on my account preferences as something that I want sent to me, but somehow, I end up with one in every bag that I receive, so I wasn’t super excited upon discovering this.  However, I do like the product and think it’s a pretty liner and shadow!


I then found some Jor’el Parker perfume in the scent Classico.  I normally am not a fan of high-end or fancy perfumes because the smell is so overpowering, but I actually really, really enjoy this one!  It smells amazing!  It isn’t too flowery or strong; it’s right in between sweet and fresh.  They describe the scent as: “Exotic, inspiring, and full of surprises, Classico whisks you away from the day-to-day. Indulge in the spicy seduction of Indian Tuberose, the striking and sweet sensation of Turkish Cyclamen and the purifying calm of Spanish Mandarin.”  My nose isn’t refined enough to detect whatever Turkish Cyclamen smells like, but I absolutely love the scent!

IMG_3015IMG_3013 IMG_3036

Next, I pulled out some Pür~lisse Pur-Bright Ultra Skin Brightening Serum.  I have really sensitive skin, but I’m hoping that this will work well on it! The serum benefits are:

  • Brightens skin tone.
  • Evens out skin without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Hydroquinone-Free.
  • Decreases the appearance of age spots and sun damages.


Lastly, I discovered some Crown Brush tweezers in my bag, which can always come in handy.  This is something I know I’ll use!


The retail prices of these products:

Jelly Pong Pong Liner – $16

Teeez Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick – $22

Pür-lisse Pur-Bright Ultra Skin Brightening Serum – $76

J’orel Parker Classico Mini Roller Perfume (.29 oz.) – $21

Crown Brush Professional Tweezers – $17.49

The total retail price of this bag is *drumroll*… $152.49!

This Ipsy bag cost only $10… that’s a pretty insane difference!  You do have to take into account that the brightening serum is a sample size in the bag, but since they don’t sell  it in that size, I had to include it’s retail price in full size, which is much larger.

Overall, I think this bag is pretty good.  The products are great, but some of them are things that I won’t use very often.  There were a couple of full-size things included, which I loved!  I like the bag itself since it’s so summery!  The value of it’s products compared to the $10 I paid for the bag is pretty incredible!

If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, I think that it’s a pretty amazing subscription!  It costs $10 per month and is set up for your preferences on products you’d like to receive.  If you’d like to try it out, you can sign up here!

Thanks so much for reading!  Do you have an Ipsy account?  If so, what did you receive this month?  What did you think of the products?



August Ipsy Unboxing 2014!

~Hello there, Lovelies!!~

Sorry I have been a little off of my posting schedule!  I have been sick and yesterday I got my 4 wisdom teeth out, along with getting 3 other teeth worked on, so I’ve been laying around a lot, resting.  I am a lot better now, though! (although I do look a bit like a chipmunk)  So, today, I will show you all the contents of my August Ipsy bag!! If you are unfamiliar with Ipsy, it’s a subscription that sends little beauty treasures once every month for only $10!  The worth of the bag usually amounts to at least 4 or 5 times the cost, so it’s very worth it and very fun!  I hope that you enjoy!


Starting off, we have a white and orange polka-dotted bag  It’s a vinyl material and I like the circular shape. 🙂  Even though it’s cute, it can’t beat last month’s bag, in my opinion!  Still very happy with it, though.


Upon opening the bag, we find ourselves staring upon a cute, little, travel-sized dry shampoo, by Klorane.  It’s supposed to be very hydrating, but not very volumizing, so I’m not really sure how I feel about it.  I think it’ll be nice to have a travel-sized dry shampoo, but it won’t be able to replace my regular, which is by Batiste. Still, I am very excited to try it and see how it works on my hair!


Next up, we stumble upon some chapstick!  Jersey Shore Sun Mongogo Chapstick, to be exact!  It’s supposedly anti-aging and nutrient dense.  Also, it’s non-GMO, so even better!  I am excited to try this and possibly carry it in my purse or put it on my night stand.  A girl can never have too many chapsticks!


The next thing that we pull out of the bag is Naked’s mascara, Perversion.  It looks very dark and bold, just as it claims on the packaging.  The brush is very thick, so it looks like it would give good volume.  I have heard very good things about this mascara, so I am very excited to try it out!  It looks lovely!


This product is something I am SO. EXCITED. TO TRY.  Pore Refiner Primer, by Dr. Brandt! I absolutely love things that will make my pores appear smaller, since i have a problem with those pesky pimples on my nose, that make my pores look huge there.  I love Benefit’s professional, so I am curious to see if this might have similar results!  Love it!


As per usual, there is an eyeshadow product in the bag, and this time, it is a beautiful neutral / rose-y shade called Half-naked, by  J.Cat. it has a slight shimmer to it, but it doesn’t look so glittery that it would fall all over your face.  Definitely excited to try it out!


I hope that you all have enjoyed seeing the contents of this month’s Ipsy bag!  Thank you all so, so, so much for reading and for getting me to 50 followers!  I love every single one of you and I hope that you are having a lovely day! See you soon! 🙂



July Ipsy Unboxing

~Hello, Lovelies!~

Today, I will be unboxing the July Ipsy bag and showing y’all what goodies are inside! I subscribed to Ipsy a few months ago and have enjoyed my subscription so much! It costs $10 per month and I feel like I have been getting bags filled with products that add up to much more than $10… I think it is so worth it! ALSO, the package that it comes in is ADORABLE! I always look forward to the bright pink envelope that comes in the mail! So, without further adieu, let’s begin! *motions dramatically towards Ipsy bag*


First off, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the perfect bag that this month’s products came in! Just look at that bright pink! You can’t look at it and not be happy! IT IS SO CUTE I JUST CAN’T HANDLE IT. Scalloped edges are a new obsession of mine, so having them on the edges of this bag is perfect. And the COLOR. Oh my goodness. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It is SO bright and summery looking! This is my favorite bag I have gotten so far, so HIGH FIVE IPSY! Usually I don’t choose my Ipsy bags to actually use (at least not very often, if ever), because I always have some already that I prefer, but THIS I will DEFINITELY use until it falls apart someday (which I hope never happens). I. AM. OBSESSED.


Okayyyy, onto the first product that is actually inside the bag! This product is called Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray. The reason this is “healthy” for your hair is because it has argan oil in it, so your hair will be all moisturized and fabulous. c: I am super excited to try this stuff out and see if it will make my hair look all summer-ized, without actually having to go to the beach! ‘Cause let’s be honest here, most of us don’t get to go to the beach nearly as much as we’d like to, but we still want those effortless, beachy waves!


Allllright! Onto da next one! Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil with spf 08. This product goes along with the summery theme of this bag and the packaging is super cute! It also has spf in it, so even better; you can get tan, but not burnt! Supah dupah excited to get that summery glow with this!! Love it!


Onto item number three! bareMinerals BB advanced performance cream eyeshadow, which I have to say is ADORABLE… again… like everything else in this bag. c: It claims to be long-lasting, to protect from the sun, to prime, brighten, and smooth the eyelids! It also comes in 10 neutral shades, which are all so beautiful! The shade that I got was “Divine Wine”. So, overall, it sounds pretty amazing AND is the perfect size to take with you in your makeup bag to the beach or to stash in your purse. Since it doesn’t need a brush to be applied, it is perfect for those lazy summer days (or any day, really:p), when you just don’t feel like putting so much effort into your eye makeup, but still want to look amazing, so… It’s pretty much just perfect at everything.


The next item is something I am obsessed with… I say that a lot, but I just get really excited about things! …and bronzer is definitely one of those things! This is the Sunkissed Bronzer in the shade Secret Sunshine, by Pop Beauty. It is a really pretty shimmery bronzer, so again, perfect for summer. The packaging is super cute, with flowers on the front! I just love it and I’m really hoping that it will look good on, too!


The very last item left is the Tinted Brilliance Balm in the shade Pretty Pink, by Pixi. How Ca-yute is this?! It is the perfect everyday lip color, so I know I’ll use it a lot! I have been dying to try some Pixi products, since the packaging is so cute and now I can! It is the perfect lip product to throw in your purse or beach bag, because of its universal color and small size, so YES, Hannie is obsessed with this item, too! c:

Overall, this whole bag is perfect and by far my favorite that I have ever recieved from Ipsy! I am excited for EVERY product, which doesn’t usually happen; there might be one or two that I’m just not that ecstatic about. This time, though, I LOVE THEM ALL! They are super summery and fun! I am SO. EXCITED. to try everything out. I hope that you all have enjoyed discovering these little treasures with me! Love you all!