DIY Memory Jars


Hey there, beauties!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Can you believe we’re only a few hours away from 2016?! I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things that this year will bring!  The DIY I’ll be showing you today is the perfect way to save those memories in a jar so you will never forget them!  In my opinion, it is a little like a scrapbook except way quicker and simpler to make.  On top of being insanely easy to make, this craft is the perfect gift for anyone you know who cherishes their memories, too!

These jars are meant to be stuffed with any kinds of ticket stubs or even little papers you have written on with the date and the adventures you had that day.  I have kept a memory jars for two years now and you’d be surprised how quickly they fill up!  I love looking back on all of the fun times! I hope you all enjoy this craft as much as I do… Let’s begin!


What you’ll need:

  • A jar (The bigger the better -that way, you won’t run out of space!)
  • Paper or labels
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Letters
  • Ribbon, string or twine
  • Washi tape (optional, but super cute!)
  • Memories, of course! 😉


With this DIY, how you decorate the jar is completely up to you, so there aren’t any specific steps to take.  If you wanted, you could even leave the jar plain, but I’ll show you how I decided to decorate mine!

I started by cutting some cute paper so that my jar had a label on the front.  I then stuck some of my letter stickers onto that paper and hot glued the pieces together.


I then hot glued those pieces onto my jar, gluing in sections so that it  didn’t dry before I could stick the paper down.


After that, I realized my paper was a bit short, so I decorated the sides with some sparkly washi tape that I’m obsessed with.  You can find adorable washi tape everywhere -keep your eyes peeled for it on the Target dollar aisle, because they always have really cute, cheap ones!  In fact, I found a lot of my decorations there, including my letter stickers!


I then decided my jar needed the year on it, so I hot glued the 2016 onto the front.


Of course, I had to also add a bow! I just tied some twine around the neck of the jar and hot glued it in place so it won’t be twisted at weird angles.

As for my next jar, the steps are pretty similar, I just hot glued all of the pieces on and used some different colors of washi tap over the label and also the lid.  I decided to switch things up a bit and add the stickers onto the lid of the jar.  I recommend hot gouging them down if you decide to do this so that they won’t come off when you open it to put your memories in.

To show the different ways you can fill these jars, I put some folded pieces of scrapbook paper in one jar and filled the other with all kinds of tickets that I’ve collected. If you’re an over achiever, you can use both papers and tickets in your jar!

IMG_3733IMG_3719 (1)IMG_3731IMG_3730IMG_3661IMG_3697

And that, ladies and gents, is the finished project. I hope that you enjoyed and maybe try this project out yourself!  I think this is a great idea and super fun to look back on later in life!  I can’t wait for all the memories i’ll fill my jar up with this year!


Thanks so much for reading!  Talk to you next year!



DIY Lip Scrub | Lush Dupe

Hello, lovelies!

Today, I will be showing you a super simple DIY lip scrub that I love!  It is made with household ingredients, so it is very convenient and cheap!  I love Lush’s lip scrubs as much as the next girl, but I actually prefer the ones I make myself and they are way cheaper since they’re homemade! This scrub smells amazing and is adjustable to whatever you might have on hand. Enjoy!


You will need:

  • 1 TBSP Brown (or white) sugar
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (or olive oil)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

IMG_5691 (1) IMG_5697 IMG_5698

Simply mix all of the ingredients together and feel free to adjust the amounts of ingredients to your liking until you get the perfect consistency and sugar-to-oil ratio.  Then pop the mixture into some cute containers and get scrubbing!

IMG_5700 (1)IMG_5715IMG_5732 (2)IMG_5727 (1)IMG_5724 (1)IMG_5719=

The sugar scrub will exfoliate all of the dead, flaky skin off of your lips, while the coconut oil moisturizes.  The honey gives the scrub a nice texture and scent and the cinnamon will increase blood flow to your lips causing them to be plumper after using the scrub!  The vanilla is optional along with the cinnamon, but I really recommend adding this to your scrub since it makes it smell SO amazing.

I hope that you all enjoy this simple DIY and try it out yourself!  It is my favorite lip scrub and I think you’ll love it, too!  Thanks for reading!



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4th of July Party Ideas! | DIY Photo Booth, Snacks, Makeup, and More!

Hello again!

Happy 4th of July!


Today I am so excited to be sharing with you guys some super festive, fun, and easy things you can do to make your fourth just a little more spectacular!  I have put together a bunch of cute ideas for an Independence Day Party and hope that this post helps some of you out and gives you a little patriotic inspiration!  All of these ideas are very inexpensive and can be done last minute as this holiday tends to creep up rather quickly most of the time! 🙂 Let’s begin, shall we?

First off, let’s put on some festive makeup to get in the mood for this fabulous party we’ll be throwing!  I started off with my base makeup on and eyes prepped.


I added a brown shade called Tease from the Naked 2 palette to my crease with Sephora’s crease brush.  As you can see I love this color quite a lot.  I am devastated that I can barely get any product out of the pan anymore!

IMG_0247  IMG_0184

Next, I placed a shimmery, silver shade called Verve, again from the Naked 2 palette, all over my lid to give it some sparkle with Sephora’s shadow brush.

IMG_0194 IMG_0218


I then put a bright, sparkly white shade called Swan Song (ooh, how fancy!) from my little Kat Von D palette on my inner corner and brow bone with Sephora’s concealer brush.


IMG_0207 IMG_0208

Next, I lined my upper lash line with Sephora’s slanted eyeliner brush with a dark brown shade called Busted from the Naked 2 palette to give more definition.


Now for the fun part; the color!  I used a sparkly blue liner by Nickak that came in my Ipsy a few months back to line the lower, inner corner of my eye.  I just LOVE this pop of festiveness!


Now of course we gotta get dem lashes done, gurl, so I then went in with Perversion mascara by Urban Decay and then sealed in that coat with some waterproof covergirl mascara.  I find that Perversion tends to get all around my eyes if I don’t seal it in with a good, waterproof mascara, but when used together, these two are my current lash dream team!

IMG_0234  IMG_0274

Of course, we need to tie that bright pop of red in there somewhere and what better way than with a classic red lip?  I am lining my lips with a clear lip liner by MUFE that will make sure that my bright red lips don’t bleed.  Then I am going in with my adorable, little sample size of Marc Jacobs’ So Rouge lipstick.  IT’S SO PRETTY.  AGH.  I just love it. 🙂

IMG_0281IMG_0223 (1)IMG_0227 (1)

And there we have our beautiful, simple, patriotic makeup!


Onto the outfit!  I am wearing a plaid shirt from Aeropostale, jean shorts from American Eagle, white vans, and, OF COURSE, a red bandana, because it screams country pride and is SO cute.  A red bandana is a super cheap and easy way to tie some festiveness into your outfit! 🙂  Also, any jean jackets look very cute for this holiday in my opinion, so if you have one lying around, it would be a cute addition to a simple red or blue shirt for a simple 4th of July outfit!


Now that we look the part for this party, let’s make the food!

I have put together some ridiculously easy and cute recipes for patriotic snacks that your guests will love!  That is if you don’t eat it all first.

For the first snack, we will be making red, white, and blue skewers!  You will need some red and blue fruit or berries of your choice that you happen to have in your fridge (I have picked blueberries and strawberries), marshmallows, and -of course- skewers.


Layer them on your skewers in a red white and blue pattern and lay them out in a cute dish.  Your guests will love them!  They are SO cute and, best of all, extremely simple!

IMG_0380   IMG_0376

Onto the next snack -Patriotic Popcorn! THIS STUFF IS SO DELICIOUS.  Be warned; if you make this, you may eat it all yourself. 😉

Start by popping some popcorn or buying pre-popped popcorn that has no seasonings or butter.


Next, melt some white chocolate and drizzle it over your bowl of crunchy goodness.

IMG_0414 IMG_0421 IMG_0411 IMG_0423

Now sprinkle on some red, white, and blue candy, mix (I mixed mine with a spatula because it was very hot), and serve in a festive bowl.

IMG_0441    IMG_0429

Done!  Now you have the most delicious and simple snack to get everyone hooked on!

Of course, we’ll need a drink to wash all this sugar down, so I have made an Independence Iced Tea.

You’ll need red, berry-flavored tea bags, blueberries, and either sugar or sprite

Start by heating up your water.


Next, add in your tea bags and wait for them to steep.

IMG_0370  IMG_0366

Take out the tea bags and pour the tea into glasses with ice. (and a cute straw;)

IMG_0383 IMG_0384

Add some blueberries, ice and sweetener of your choice.  I added stevia to mine.  I did not have sprite, but it would make this drink really fizzy and sweet! 🙂

IMG_0387 IMG_0385

Feel free to decorate your glasses with fruit!

IMG_0400 IMG_0404

Tadahhh! All done!  And so yummy!

Onto the best part… decorations!

A photo booth is always a good idea at parties and they are super cheap and easy to make!

You will need a table cloth, streamers, and props (which I will show you how to make).

Hang up your table cloth in an area with good lighting.  I first tried to hang mine outside, but then realized the wind did not want to cooperate with me… it ended up turning me into a superhero, so it’s all good.  I decided to hang it inside in the end. 🙂

IMG_0321IMG_0323IMG_0320 (2) IMG_0317

Add your streamers and any other decor your little heart desires.

IMG_0351 IMG_0354


Now, for the props.

You will need some stars, straws, and a glue gun (or tape).  You can cut the stars out yourself on some festive paper or buy them at the store.  I got mine at Walmart for supah cheap! 🙂


Glue your stars to your patriotic straws with a hot glue gun and let the glue dry.

IMG_0328 \

I placed mine in a cute little jar along with some flags for everyone to use as props!

IMG_0336 (2) \ \

Now, you and your guests will have a ton of fun posing with your cute photo booth!

IMG_0364 IMG_0363 IMG_0362 IMG_0361 IMG_0357 IMG_0360 IMG_0359

If you want to make your house a little more patriotic for this lovely holiday, I have a perfect little DIY for you!

I will be making cute, burlap star signs!

You will need three small canvases, burlap, a staple gun, three wooden stars, red, white, and blue paint, paint brushes, and a hot glue gun.  I purchased my canvases from Walmart, where they already were covered in burlap, so I will not have to staple mine on.  These cost about $4 for a pack of two.  If you need to staple the burlap onto your canvases, simply wrap the edges like you would a present and staple in place along the backside.  Make sure that your burlap is stretched tight!

Now, paint your stars and let them dry.

IMG_0307IMG_0315 IMG_0310

Feel free to make your stars more rustic-looking with a little sand paper!  Then, hot glue them onto your canvases and let the glue set.

IMG_0340 (1)IMG_0341IMG_0344 (1)IMG_0345 (1)

All done!  These cute little stars are so easy and fun to make!  They can spruce up any area quite nicely and bring some patriotic cuteness into your home!

And with that, our Fourth of July Partay has sadly come to a close. Thank you all so much for reading!  I hope that you enjoyed this post and maybe found some patriotic inspiration!  Happy 4th of July!  See you next time!




DIY Chalkboard Garland!

Hello, Lovelies!

Today, I bring to you another DIY!  I planned this post a very long time ago, so please excuse the Christmas decor and theme throughout this post as we are just getting excited for Spring… Whoops, I procrastinated.  I thought about just not posting this at all, since the pictures are so old, but you know what?  Better late than never.  heh  Life is busy, but I am excited to be posting more on here soon!  This DIY is a chalkboard garland!  What’s great about this is it’s SO versatile.  You can reuse this banner for every occasion, since you can just erase and write whatever you need to for the holiday and it’s SO cute and vintage-y looking. 🙂

Let’s get started!

First, lay out your wooden garland pieces.  (I bought mine from the Target dollar aisle) Make sure to lay down some paper so you don’t turn your entire table into a chalk board… unless of coarse you want to- it would be pretty fun.


Next, take you brush and begin painting on your chalk board paint. 🙂


Let it dry for a half hour or longer and add more coats until it looks just how you want it and feel free to paint the other side, too.  I think it looks better when the back side has at least one coat on it, too, because if the pieces get twisted, you won’t see the unpainted side of it.


Let the paint dry and then string it onto your twine/whatever kind of string your little heart desires.  I found it was helpful to poke the paint out of the holes with a toothpick to make threading easier.


Now is the fun part, where you get to write on your garland!  Since this was Christmas time, I wrote Merry X-mas, but this would also work for Happy Easter or any other holiday, depending on how many wooden pieces you need for the letters.


I hope that you all enjoyed reading this post event though the pictures are from two seasons ago.  *Hangs head*  The great thing about this garland is that even though I took these pictures at Christmastime, I can now just rub off Merry X-mas and write Happy Easter, Happy B-day, or anything I need for the occasion! 🙂  Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you soon!  XOXO


Super Cute DIY Room Decor // Chalkboard Signs and Banners

~Hello, Lovelies!~

I have been planning this post for a while and have not had the time to actually write it… since Christmas actually.. heh  I will be posting more often when life slows down a little, but for now, my posts will probably be very inconsistent… I could promise to post every week and be super productive, but then I probably wouldn’t and hopes would be up for nothing.  I shall not raise hopes to only crush them and so, my realistic promise is to post once a month until summer, when I will go blog crazy and put all my effort into creating good, quality posts. *takes a deep breath*  Anyway, now, I will show you my creation!

Today, I will be showing you how to make a chalkboard arrow sign!  So, if you’re all about dat DIY life, I hope that you’ll enjoy this post and maybe be inspired to make one of these arrows yourself! 🙂

Step one:  Buy an arrow!  I got mine from Ben Franklin.


Step two:  Obtain thyself a brush and some chalkboard paint.


Step three: Paint the arrow with the chalkboard paint. (p.s. don’t forget to cover thy surface so you don’t enrage thy mother).


Step four:  Let the paint dry and set for the amount of time instructed on your bottle… or don’t… like me.  Everything worked out in the end, though!  My bottle said to let it set for hours in between, but I do not have that much patience when it comes to watching paint dry..  It’s very boring.  (Although I really strongly recommend starting with a white coat of paint or a primer if you try this yourself, because this paint was hard to build up at first).  Then, continue to add coats until the paint is as opaque as you would like.  I know mine looks extremely light right now, but I promise, it eventually builds up.  I gave mine about four coats and let them set for about 15 minutes to a half an hour in between, depending on how patient I was at the moment.


Step Six:  Cry tears of joy that the stupid chalkboard paint has finally had enough coats to be opaque. Then, once the paint and your tears have dried, clean your brush and begin putting mod podge on the edges of your arrow.  I chose to put mine only on the rim of it, but not the whole edge, because I covered that part in tape later, but you can put the mod podge wherever your heart desires… as long as you want the sparkles there later, because otherwise, it would be pointless.  I recommend working in sections so the glue doesn’t dry.




Step 8:  Once your whole arrow is besparkled to your desired amount of glittery perfection, let it dry for 15-20 minutes, then seal it in with another coat of mod podge.  Don’t worry, the sparkles will still be shiny when it dries, even though it looks like you are destroying all of the beautiful work you have just accomplished at first.


Step Nine:  If you have glittered the entire side, you are finished!  But I chose to add some patterned tape that I got from the Target dollar aisle (AKA heaven on earth).  I love the way this finished it off and made it look so much more clean.  I think adding the tape is a good idea because of the sharp lines it gives.  It covered all the mistakes I made AND it made it look super cute.  This tape is just perfect and that’s all there is to it.


TADAAA *Jazz Hands*  Now, we have successfully finished our arrow sign!  I wrote a cute saying about arrows on mine, because it’s an arrow, so I mean.. I had to. 🙂  I am obsessed with it!  I set it in my room and I never get tired of looking at it!


I hope that you all enjoyed seeing this little project that I did!  I am really happy with how it turned out AND it was super inexpensive!  Thank you so much for reading!  I am sending you all hugs through the screen and I hope you have a wonderful day. :3