revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor review

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor: My New Drugstore Obsession

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Hey there, beauties!

Long time no blog! I have missed you so all much, but now that the hectic part of December is over, I am back to posting regularly! *whoop!*  I am so excited, because today, I am reviewing a product that has quickly become  HOLY GRAIL for me. *Drum roll* Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor!


At first sight, I knew that I needed these babies in my life and I am in love with everything about them from the packaging to the formula… even the scent smells like heaven!  Let’s jump into the review!

First off… THE PACKAGING.  Let’s all just take a moment to stand in awe of all of its beauty.  These tubes are glass with in a matte finish.  They feel like a very durable high end product and I absolutely love the way that they look.  My only complaint is that the shade number and name are not displayed anywhere except for tiny print on the sticker, which has to be removed in order to open the bottle.

The formula is super pigmented and very moisturizing.  I was surprised when I first tried these out by the fact that these are nothing like liquid lipstick.  Instead, they are a gloss that really stays put and has no shine.  I’m not exactly sure that this glorious creation could fit into one category.  If lipgloss and liquid lipstick had a baby, it would be this product.

Since they aren’t as matte as a liquid lipstick, they smudge off a bit when eating or drinking, but they leave behind some color and never completely disappear.  On top of staying put forEVER and never getting stuck on my teeth, these glosses smell like fruity deliciousness and make me wish that I could eat an entire tube of the stuff.  It sounds gross, but smell this gloss and you’ll probably be wishing the same thing!

These Lipcolors are $8.50 a piece, which makes them a bit on the pricier side for a drugstore product… but they are so high quality that I think they are worth every penny!  In my opinion, these glosses are better quality and look much more flattering on me than most high end lipsticks.  I tend to shy away from bright lips, but with THESE, my lips actually don’t look dry or cracked for once in my life.  Also, the applicator makes them extremely easy to have a nice, clean edge.

revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor review

Now for the swatching! *squeel*

Firstly, 610 HD Addiction is a gorgeous deep plum shade.  I love how it has a whitening effect on my teeth instead of making them look yellow as some brighter colors can.  Even though this shade is pigmented, it is not in your face and you don’t have to worry about it ever getting on your teeth or smudging!

IMG_2038IMG_4415610 HD Addiction Revlon

625 HD Love is even more vibrant than the previous shade.  Somehow, I am absolutely obsessed with this color even though I usually am terrified or orange-y reds.  This color doesn’t make my teeth look yellow and it actually doesn’t seem too overpowering.  I highly recommend this for the season of red lips and Christmas vibes!

625 hd love revlon625 hd love revlon625 hd love revlon

615 HD Temptation is your perfect everyday pink shade.  It seems to me like it would be a very universally flattering tone for everyone.  I think this shade is a great pick if you want a natural pink lip product for every day wear that won’t rub off and is super moisturizing!

615 hd temptation revlonIMG_4433615 hd temptation revlon

Lastly, we have 630 HD Seduction.  I had to try out a nude shade since they’re my favorite!  I have never before bought a product that matched the natural color of my lips SO perfectly!  It enhances the look of my lips but doesn’t even look like I’m wearing anything.  I’ve been dreaming about finding a product like this for my entire life up to this moment.  That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I am extremely excited about my discovery!  I now wear this product every day. I recommend it so highly!

630 hd seduction revlon630 hd seduction revlonIMG_7625

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope that this post had been helpful to you!  Have you tried out this product?  What are your thoughts?

revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor review

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  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Wow! I have seen these in the store but wasn’t sure about them. They look amazing and all of these colors look beautiful on you! I am so going to have to try these out! 😀 xo

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