5 affordable blushes

Blush on a Budget: 5 Drugstore Faves

Hey there, lovelies!

It’s a fact that buying new makeup goodies is one of the most fun things on the entire planet.  However, if I bought Estée Lauder products every time I went on a beauty spree, I would be very, very broke.  Thankfully, the drugstore is the perfect solution to that problem and I’ve discovered 5 great blushes that will save your wallet!  These affordable products especially come in handy during this season of gift buying and money spending!  I hope that this post might help you find a new drugstore treasure to try out in this bunch of blushes!

5 affordable blushes5 drugstore blushes

  1. NYX Powder Blush– I’m a huge fan of NYX since they are super affordable and I am always impressed by the quality!  You really can’t beat the price of their amazing pressed powder blushes at only $4.99!    This shade is s gorgeous matte pink.  It is long-lasting and very pigmented.  You have to have a light hand with this one, but the shade is super gorgeous as long as you don’t go too ham on it! NYX Powder Blush Dusty RoseNYX Powder Blush Dusty Rose
  2. Mivagirl Blush #05** – Unlike the previous blush, this one is baked and has a beautiful shimmer to it.  I’m obsessed with this lighter pink shade!  Even though it may seem like too bright of a pink, it actually adds a really natural looking glow.  I use a light wash of this over my cheeks so it’s not too overpowering.  The best part about the slight shimmer of this product is that it has a built in highlight!  For just $3.99, this blush is a TOTAL steal!  With Black Friday deals this weekend, this blush is practically going to be free!  If you’d like to, you can even use my code: HANNH10 for 10% off.   I can’t wait to try out more shades!

Mivagirl blush 05Mivagirl blush 05

3.  Maybelline Fit Me Blush 306 Deep Coral – Although I’ve heard a multitude of mixed feelings from others about Maybelline’s Fit Me blushes, I really like the formula.  They are described as natural and sheer on the website, which they very much are.  However, I really like natural cheek products since I’m not huge on super bright blushes.  With this blush, I don’t have to worry about going overboard.  It gives me a slight glow and coral tint to my cheeks, which I absolutely love!  If you are into natural blushes, I strongly recommend giving this one a go!

maybelline fit me blush deep coralmaybelline fit me blush deep coral

4. Milani Baked Blush 02 Rose D’oro – This gorgeous rose gold blush is one of my favorites… even over high end products!  It has the most beautiful gold shimmer and is the perfect rose/coral shade.  Make sure you use a light hand with this one though, because let me tell you girl, it is PIG-MENT-ED.  I can’t get over how much I love this shade and I recommend it to all you glowy rose blush lovers out there!

milani baked blush rose d'oromilani baked blush rose d'oro

5.  Covergirl  185 True Plum – Last, but definitely not least, we have Covergirl’s gorgeous plum blush.  This blush is another natural option, but slightly more pigmented that Maybelline’s. It has the most natural and amazing glow. I constantly find myself reaching for this shade in the cooler months since I am drawn to plum shades this time of the year!  This product adds just the right amount of color and I can’t get enough of it!

Covergirl cheekers blush true plumCovergirl cheekers blush true plum

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope that you have a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!   >>Keep your eyes peeled for my giveaway starting this Black Friday!<<  What are some of your favorite affordable blushes?

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