affordable makeup for oily skin

Affordable Matte Skin: My Top 3 Drugstore Picks

Hey there, beauties!

I don’t know about you, but for me the struggle of the oily T-zone is real.  I always am on the lookout for products to reduce and prevent shine so I don’t end up looking like a disco ball by the end of the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having a glow to my skin, but without products that combat shine, I pass the point of glowing to instead blinding everyone around me with the powers of my radiating complexion… not to mention that having oily skin makes it extremely difficult for foundation to last longer than an hour without melting off of my face.  If you suffer similar oily skin probz or if you just enjoy that shine-free 90’s look, I hope that my top 3 drugstore picks will be your oily skin saviors (without breaking the bank)!

affordable makeup for oily skin
In order to achieve a matte and poreless complexion, priming is a really helpful step to take. When I forget to prime my skin, I feel like I can visibly see the foundation disappearing into thin air within minutes of putting it on.  Recently, I discovered  No7 Beautifully Matte Makeup Base, which is absolutely AMAZING at taking away any trace of a fraction of shine.  When I first tried this out, I was terrified by the almost chemical scent that it has, but when applied, it is not strong or overpowering at all -in fact, I couldn’t even tell that it had a scent once it was on my face.  The second this primer touches your skin, it’s as if the shine and oils are literally zapped out of existence in front of your eyes.  I find that I need more to use more of this product than I do with the typical primer since it is so tacky and doesn’t spread a long ways.  The upside to that fact is the tackiness makes foundation stay.  It keeps my face shine-free and my foundation doesn’t move a centimeter.  I highly recommend this product if you’ve been wanting to try a mattifying primer.  I even believe that this product is better than Benefit’s Porefessional… that’s a high compliment coming from a girl who went through many, many tubes of it!  A huge plus is the price is just $12.99!IMG_2010 (2)

The next product I love for mattifying my foundation is Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder in Transparent. This powder is definitely worth all of the rave that it has received.  At only $4.99, this product is sent from the heavens and is one of my favorite pressed powders I’ve ever tried -including high end options!  For me, powder is a must when it comes to makeup unless I want my makeup to vanish in an hour after applying it.  I highly recommend this powder as my life wouldn’t be complete without it!

IMG_1995 (1)

Lastly, e.l.f. High Definition Powder is another great option for your mattifying needs.  This loose powder comes in three shades: corrective, sheer, and shimmer.  The best part?  This product is only $6.00! *angels singing* I thought I was buying sheer when I made this purchase, but bought shimmer instead.  However, this mistake turned out to be a good one, because I think that this product is great!  It doesn’t leave my makeup looking cake-y and let’s me have a little more of a glow on those days where I want my skin to have some life to it.  It still keeps my makeup in place and takes away the shine on my T-zone, but gives me just the slightest bit of shimmer.  This powder is the perfect option if you want something to eliminate the potential oil slick that can happen on your face, but still give you just a tad bit of controlled glow.


Thanks so much for reading!  What affordable products help you stay matte?

matte drugstore makeup



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12 thoughts on “Affordable Matte Skin: My Top 3 Drugstore Picks

  1. stashmatters says:

    I just opened the Elf HD powder and oh my goodness, is it every MESSY. I might need to put it into another container. I do like it though, very fine powder and works well.
    Another one that I do like is the Essence All About Matte powder – inexpensive and works great.

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